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Angunakolapelessa Town hall


A Lecture hall was a great lacking for Angunakolepelessa area. The Town  hall of Angunakolapelessa i s with modern technology and with complete facilities constudted by Angunakolapelessa Pradeshiya Sabha with the Inter Village community Development Pilot Project.


Start of construction work 2010.10.19
Project  Contribution 47.25 million
Portion Pradeshiya Sabha 0.875 million
The Date of Peoplised 2013 .02.01

The extesion of 50 x 30 meter with accommodate facility more than 750 seats. And with the vehicle parking facility and there is large veravda around the building. The builiding is with complete facilities like Canteen, Manager’s quarters, Colour light unit, Sound unit Large stage screen.


Situated in a quiet area and in middle of the tow can enter from any direction.


The facilities can obtain from the Angunakolapelessa Town hall 


1.     The Center for get relax of mind and for entertainment development


  • Stage Drama
  • Video Film
  • Exhibition (Art and Books ………….)
  • Fine art

                      ►Dance East and west

                      ►Musicale show

                      ►Perform Function


2.     The Center for Developing Knoledge


  • Lectures
  • Training Program
  • Practical
  • Exhibition
  • Seminar

3.     Social works


  • Award  Festival
  • Society
  • Functions

4.     Other


  • Sale activity


Charges for Angunakolapelessa Town hall


For hall (With Sound Facility)


Drama, Film, Musicale show, Conset, Sale Promotion activity    

- Rs. 20000.00


Wedding and other functions        

- Rs. 20000.00


Seminars, Exhibition, Interview, Educational / Political Activities 

- Rs. 10000.00


Without Charges


Educational activity         

- Rs.  8000.00


For Government institute 

- Rs.  8000.00



For Extra facility


Projector and Screen         

- Rs.  5000.00


Colour Lights        

- Rs.  5000.00




  • And to be included others taxes (NBT, Stamp dut, ect ……………………..)

Stage and Screen


Seat facilities


The huge corridor around the building


Toilet Facilities


Last modified date : August 22, 2017