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Area of Pradeshiya Sabha of Angunakolapalessa is situated in Hambantota district in the Southern Province. This area has a long history which lasts to ancient regime of Sinhala kings. City of Angunakolapalessa which is economically, socially, culturally and religiously rich could be introduced as a vast area of paddy field that provides rice to the country. This division is consisted of 51 Grama Niladari divisions which is containing in extent 167.73 Sq. km. and population amounts to 47409.


When considered the geographical situation this area is a plain area which is spread from the southern coast of Sri Lanka up to internal area of the country. Although the area is plain as whole, southern and western parts of the land is somewhat wave in shape. A few small hills can be seen in northern area and the highest point is Kaparulla hill which is 799 tall.


The main category of soil in the area is red brown soil and watery soil. In certain places quarts can be seen in small quantities. The major soil resources are quarts, metal and clay. Area of Pradeshiya Sabha of Angunakolapalessa has a dry climate.

Higher rate of wetness in the air can be seen in the area which is enriched with the brighter sun light. Brighter and strong sun light prevails in the months of March, April, August and September resulting higher temperature. Decrease of temperature can be seen in the months of January and December. Accordingly mean monthly temperature during the period of rough sun light is 31.1 C while it decreases to 22.7 C in the months of December and January.


Historic places of worship which were built under the supervision of ancient kings have become much more helpful for the spiritual development of rural folk in the area. Among such historic places of worship, Kasagala Rajamaha Vihara which was touched by the sacred relics of the Lord Buddha is prominent. Both local and foreign tourists are attracted by frescoes of the ancient shrine room of this temple which is belonged to the era of Kandy.


Agricultural livelihood can be seen in this area where villages have been created based on lake, shrine and paddy field. Accordingly a number of lakes can be seen within the area of the Pradeshiya Sabha and these lakes are helpful for agricultural development and coolness and beauty of the area. Among these lakes the largest one is Matigathwala Lake. In the past system of lakes made paddy fields nutritious and for a period of half century paddy fields are fed by rivers such as Walawe, Mahaweli and Muruthawela reservoir. From the past people used to grow crops as well as poultry in addition to paddy and chena cultication which was the major livelihood.


Accordingly, Cultivation of fruits and vegetable are mostly seen in this area. These vegetable include brinjals, snake gourd, bitter gourd, chilies, ladies fingers and long beans while fruit include banana, mangoes, wood apple, beli fruit, pomegranate and papaya. In addition, production of very nutritious and tasty curd has become the major livelihood of most of the people.

Evan   Introduced  Many way of lliving recently, the Traditional   system still there.Thereare many people who willing troditionalcultivation They cultivate millet,maizesesame.many people who doing selfindustry were doing coir ,broom industries.That is our wealth that   our children having efficiency in education Fine arts andSports   to  face future world. That is sure Angunupelessa area will improve with the Help of farmers and nature




The important information   of area of Angunukolapelessa




 Electorate division                              



Local government

Angunupelessa prdesiya sabha

Villages 108
Gramaniladari divisions 51




Temperature         26 -31 0C
Police area

Angunupelessa, Middeniya,weeraketiya, Hungama


Agrarian center

Angunupelessa, Udayaala


Angunupelessa, Kaariyamadiththa, Hakuruwela

Central pharmacy


Schools               23
Pre-schools                                         40
Daham School 30
Temple      36
Coroner divisions 2
Banks 10
Post offices 04
Community centers 68
Grounds 26
Ponds 105

Last modified date : August 22, 2017