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Service Chargers


Fees of issue of Non vesting Certificates


Required documents


1.  Duly completed application


2.  Originals of the deed and plan along with a copy


Process of obtaining Non vesting Certificates.


  • Make a written request for Pradeshiya Sabha for the issue of Non vesting Certificates


  • Submitting copy of deed and survey plan to Pradeshiya Sabha along with the duly completed application


  • Report from Revenue Officer and certificate from Technical Officer


  • Issuing the  Non vesting Certificate by the Chairman of Pradeshiya Sabha.


Recovering fees.


For the purpose of issuing a Non vesting Certificate, a certificate fee of Rs. 500.00 and Natuion Building Tax of Rs. 9.00 will be charged by Pradeshiya

Sabha of Angunakolapalessa.


Fee of Road damaging


As per the statute passed by  Pradeshiya Sabha of Angunakolapalessa fees will be charged for damaging roads.




1. Letter issued by Water Board mentioning the extent of damage has to be handed over to Pradeshiya Sabha.


2.  Site visit will be done by Technical Officer of Pradeshiya Sabha and on his recommendation fees will be charged based on the extent of the road damage. Letter will be issued to the Water Borad informing that.

Last modified date : August 22, 2017