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E – Library

As another service provided to the people by Pradeshiya Sabha of Angunakolapalessa, e- library was established with the intention of upgrading the level of education of the children in the area.
This e-library has paved the way for the children to acquire knowledge on different subjects through internet facility using computers in a very efficient manner. Electronic magazines, video, commentaries, films, dramas and different kind of maps with educational value are available here. The special thing here is that these books and magazines are not in ordinary papers but in electronic screen. Readers have to read them through the computer since they are multi media documents.
Children of rural people living in the area of Angunakolapalessa whose main livelihood was cultivation have certain barriers to enter the competitive system of education since inability to use technology. The prior objective of the setting up of this e-library service is to avoid such barriers.
E- library of Angunakolapalessa  commenced on the 01st day of February 2013.
In the site of Angunakolapalessa Town hall.
Services provided
Users of this e-library are provided with following facilities.
Use of electronic books
Use of multi media encyclopedia
Automatic educational programmes
Educational Video show, vedio films and
Academic programmes on maps

Membership per month of Angunukolapellessa Pradeshiya sabha Digital Library is Rs. 50


For more detail :- 047-4937092 / 047 – 4937093


Last modified date : August 22, 2017