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Sri Buddha Rakshitha Pree School

Stiuated at Kumbukmulla Sri jinendrarama Madagoda Gramaniladari Division within the limit of Angunakolapelessa Pradeshiya Sabha.


Estbilished in 1974 at Kumbukmulla Sri  jinendrarama. The building facility for more than 30 students, the Childrent’s play ground renewal every year.


there are 21 Students in 2013 Mis. Kanthilatha Gamage Worked as teacher.


Special Programs

 First Term

  • Directing Children for play


Second Term

  • Conducting exhibition
  • Conducting Singithi Fair
  • Tuer
  • Seela Program for Poya Days
  • Conducting New Year Program


Third Term

  • Exhibition of Creation
  • Sigithi  Fair
  • Year end Programs


The Qualification for Pre School Entrances

  • Should be live within the limit
  • Age should be 3 – 5 Years


The Documents for Pre School Entrances

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate of Perants
  • Correctly filled Application form



After the approval  of Teacher of pre School, The Secretary and the Shairman of sabha joining new students will be don.


Member ship from for preeschool of Angunakolapelessa Pradeshiya sabha.


For more detail     :- Community Development Officer –Mrs.E.V.G.K.Erandi

                                     T.P. No:- 047-2228275

Last modified date : August 22, 2017